What Causes Deadly Road Mishaps in the U.S.?

What Causes Deadly Road Mishaps in the U.S.?

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Why are some people bad at driving? Before you react or question this statement, let us check out some statistics.

  • Most dangerous counties: Two counties in Utah ranked 7th and 8th in the list of the most dangerous cities to drive in, according to a study conducted by Auto Insurance Center. These are Millard County and Emery County, and although Salt Lake City isn’t on the list, experienced auto accident lawyers still abound in the area.
  • Deadliest counties: Rich County and Piute County are among the top 20 deadliest counties based on fatalities from car accidents.
  • Most distracted driving: Utah is the third in the list of states with the most distracted driving, after Nevada and Wyoming.

Statistically speaking, Utah doesn’t have the nation’s worst drivers. There are notable improvements. For instance, Utah is among the bottom 10 in the list of the worst states for drunk driving over an 11-year study. The state is not one of the most dangerous states to drive in during the winter, and the number of fatalities from traffic accidents has significantly decreased from 2005 to 2015.

Leading causes of fatal car accidents in Utah

According to the Highway Safety’s website, the top five causes of car crash deaths in Utah from 2012 to 2016 are the following:


Speed accounted for 497 deaths or 40% of all deaths in the state of Utah during the specific period. Speeding is also the second most common reasons road accidents happen all over the world. This violation doesn’t necessarily mean the driver stepped on the gas continuously until they reach the destination. Speeding also means increasing speed intermittently and braking suddenly to avoid hitting other cars.

2.Unrestrained occupants

Not wearing a seatbelt is the second most common cause of car accident fatality in Utah and other states. It accounts for 30% of all deaths, and from 2012 to 2016, there were 377 recorded deaths because the driver or the passengers failed to strap in their seatbelts.

3.Drunk driving

Drunk driving is among the top causes of fatalities in the United States. In Utah, 158 deaths were recorded due to a drunk driver from 2012 to 2016, which translates to 13% of all deaths by a car accident during that period.

drinking while driving

4.Failure to yield

154 deaths were recorded during the period just because some drivers feel like they own the whole road and refuse to yield. Failure to yield to other vehicles or to the right of way resulted in 12% of all road accident fatalities in the state.

5.Distracted driver

Distracted driving has significantly increased in the past years as more drivers use their phones while driving. However, texting while driving isn’t the only form of distracted driving. Talking to the passenger, reaching for an object, and holding something else while driving can also be construed as distracted driving. This accounted for 9% of all traffic-related deaths in Utah.

These causes of road accidents that usually result in death aren’t only common in Utah, but also for the rest of the United States. Keeping these causes in mind will hopefully keep you from committing these mistakes and help you prevent accidents.

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