Why Do Many Couples Divorce? Here Are the Common Reasons

Why Do Many Couples Divorce? Here Are the Common Reasons

Father leaving his wife and kid

A lavish wedding is just the beginning of a couple’s married life. The years following the wedding will be a test of how a couple loves each other “through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, and until death.” Challenges will come along the way, and it is up to the married couple on how they will overcome them.

Unfortunately, not all couples — whether famous celebrities or ordinary citizens — succeed in marriage and eventually end up in divorce. In such cases, a divorce lawyer in Suffolk County will help estranged couples navigate through the complicated process of divorce. Nevertheless, a divorce is a major decision couple may make. It will only be two things: stick to the marriage or let go for good.

Misunderstandings are very much common among married couples. It is just a matter of how they will solve their issues and stay on their marriage. On the contrary, divorce seems to be their last resort for their irreconcilable marital woes. However, simple arguments may not always be the reason for divorce — it can be deeper than that.


You might usually encounter this in movies or in TV shows, but this is a reality among many couples all over the world. Infidelity does involve not only physical cheating (e.g., sexual intercourse) but also emotional cheating (e.g., fantasizing about another person while you are with your spouse). Nevertheless, infidelity in a relationship is a huge red flag that can end up in a messy divorce.

Lack of intimacy

This is somewhat related to infidelity. However, some couples may have a lack of intimacy after decades of marriage. It may not necessarily be because of cheating, but everything has become a routine, and nothing excites them anymore as a couple. This can eventually lead to divorce.

Financial issues

A study from the American Journal of Sociology revealed that a husband’s unemployed status is a major trigger of divorce. A lack of financial management can take a toll on a couple’s marriage, can cause stress for the family, and eventually lead to divorce.

Domestic abuse

It can either be physical, mental, or emotional abuse. Regardless, it can also be a ground for divorce. Married couples should be there to support each other, not to put each other down. It can also take a toll on the children’s well-being. Having that said, domestic violence is unhealthy in any relationship, and divorce can be a last resort if all efforts to reconcile are in vain.


There can be different forms of addiction: gambling, pornography, drugs, alcohol, and more. Regardless of the type of addiction, it can be unhealthy to a relationship to the point that these are prioritized more than the marriage itself. This can eventually lead to divorce.

Irreconcilable differences

Couple getting a divorce

You may often hear this term when popular celebrity couples decide to divorce. However, this can be a major trigger for a divorce. It can be due to different religious beliefs, parenting styles, and personal goals.

Divorce is an unfortunate reality. The process can take time to finalize depending on each spouse’s conditions. That is why it is important to know each other first, learn about each other’s dreams and quirks, and decide whether you want to spend a lifetime with this person or not before jumping into marriage.

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